Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place where we bring together the most relevant and important questions in connection with our cryptocurrency exchange. We constantly update them accordingly to the feedback we get. We hope you can use it as a guide whenever you need a quick answer. If you should not find an answer to your question on this site please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

1. About XTECH

What is XTECH?

XTECH has been developing decentralized applications since 2016, and it is one of the leading companies in the blockchain space, based in the crypto-capital of the world: Berlin, Germany.

How do I contact XTECH?

Feel free to contact us via email:
For Customer Support join our Telegram support group:
For Information on ICO listings or introducing your ICO:
To apply for an ICO listing:
For general announcements and updates, follow our announcements Telegram channel:

What does XTECH have to offer?

XTECH offers unique coins and tokens combined with an easy-to-use and secure cryptocurrency exchange. Our Exchange supports up to one million transactions a minute.

What is XTECH's aim?

We are building the new generation of financial infrastructure based on Blockchain technology in order to democratize access to financial markets. Our vision is a more efficient and open, global financial ecosystem, enabled by our technology. We pride ourselves on being a pioneer in the blockchain technology and developing value that makes a difference to our economy, culture and the world at large.

2. Beta

How does the Beta work?

Our Beta works just like the final version, with the exception that the funds being used in the Beta are imaginary. This means you can buy, sell and trade normally, but are doing so in an imaginary market.

Where can I sign up for the Beta?

It is simple, free of charge and quick to set up an Account for the Beta. Click open an account, complete the form and activate your account. After verifying, we send some funds to your account and you can start trading!

Something is not working, and I want to give you feedback, how can I do so?

We would love to hear your feedback and get engaged with you to make our exchange perfect and easier to access for you. Feel free to have a conversation with us on our customer support Telegram group:

3. General

When will XTECH go public?

We are planning to run our beta test until 02.11.2018. We will go public 2 days later, on 04.11.2018. If you would like to get more information on our launch subscribe to our newsletter, and we will make sure that you are kept up to date with everything!

What information do I have to provide to trade?

In order to register and trade on our stock exchange you are required to provide your full name, birth date and email address.

How do I change my password for the exchange?

On the top right corner within the exchange you can find the "settings" menu where you are able to change your password.

With what currencies can I trade?

You can trade with the most relevant and up-to date Ethereum based tokens on the market. Our team is working on consistently bringing the hottest ICO projects to the exchange. To stay up to date on all coins coming to XTECH, or if you want to place your own coin on XTECH, please join our XTECH Listings Telegram group:

4. Funds

How can I see my current XTECH account balance?

To see your current balance, visit the "funding" menu, found in the top right corner of the exchange. Then select the "balance" tab to view your funds.

How do I deposit funds on my XTECH account?

To deposit funds to your XTECH exchange account, you have to visit the "funding" menu, found in the top right corner of the exchange. Then select the "deposit" tab, and select the currency you would like to withdraw. Next, please press "generate address", and you will receive the address to which to send your funds from an external wallet.

How do I withdraw my money?

To withdraw funds from your XTECH exchange account, you have to visit the "funding" menu, found in the top right corner of the exchange. Then select the "withdraw" tab, and select the currency you would like to withdraw. Then you enter the address of the wallet you would like your funds to be sent to you, as well as the desired amount. The fee for this transaction is then shown to you. To finalize, press "review withdrawal", go over your information, and withdraw your funds!

My funds are missing, sent to the wrong address, or something just went wrong?

We will do our best to help whatever situation you are in. Feel free to contact XTECH customer support via Telegram:

5. Security

What security measures do you recommend taking?

We know how important "security" is on a cryptocurrency exchange. This is why we strictly advise you to follow the following steps:

  1. Never give anyone your password and choose a password that is unique and long.
  2. Secure the email tied to your XTECH account with two-factor authentication as well as a strong password.
  3. Look at the additional security services your email account might be offering.
  4. Never call any phone number for someone claiming to be XTECH Support.
  5. Only contact us through the official channels and addresses displayed on this page.