Initial exchange offering (IEO):

Creditcoin is the decentralized affiliate and content marketing protocol allowing any 3rd party marketplace, retailer, publisher & content creator to leverage a token based system for affiliated smart product listings and content marketing campaigns on the network.

Token allocation: 100,000,000

30% Product Support & Technology Enhancement
20% Legal & Patents
20% Marketing & Product launches
15% Content Creator & Community Incentives
15% Founding team

About the project

The Creditcoin network is immediately leveraged as a utility on Flatlay (, a social marketplace Dapp and publishing platform allowing any content creator to build a digital storefront in seconds. Flatlay’s middleware amplifies campaigns on 3rd party premium publishers such as CondeNast, Hearst & Refinery29 working with +100k content creators and millions of products offered from Amazon, Shopify, Linkshare, WooCommerce, VigLink.

The Creditcoin Network provides benefit to the online retailers, brands and publishers by removing the intermediaries cutting into margins on campaigns and sales while incrementally decreasing transaction fee’s. Creditcoin streamlines payouts between parties when listing a product for sale with “smart product listings” along with providing an ability to post promotional campaigns with content creators that can be hired for promotional content with escrow services.

The Creditcoin protocol leverages an independent chain built on Coursera to support gas-less product and campaign registrations incorporating all product variables (color/size/quantity/etc.) using IPFS Hashing. It incorporates an identification layer to authenticate online retailers and brands registering genuine goods onto the network to confirm their authenticity while certifying which online publishers and marketplaces can and can not represent their goods to be sold online . Every conversion and campaign conducted will co-benefit all 3rd parties leveraging the tokenized payout and escrow services to due the fiat swap conducted when campaigns and products can be paid out in CCOIN. Over time, all retailers and brands can further benefit from the transactions that occur regardless of whom is generating the transaction based on opting into co-pooling data and conversions. Every transaction that occurs re-contributes a % of the sale into the CCOIN escrow pool to increase the value of its market cap.

Our vision is to evolve the way commerce is conducted online by removing all centralized organizations and intermediaries cutting into margins while empowering brands and retailers the most streamlined way to go direct to consumer.

Currently the tech deployed to list and sell products online are contingent upon legacy tech that is deprecated and lacks transparency. We see the Creditcoin protocol and network becoming that needed infrastructure layer in the retail space creating a new ecosystem changing the way products are created, launched and distributed in market based on real-time feedback and pre-order fulfillment models incorporating incentivized ways to purchase.

The goal is to allow the Creditcoin Network to eventually operate autonomously by further building in hooks that reward contributing users for data points along with the option to complete various tasks that train the network on its services such as product recognition/suggestion, automated smart product listings and product lifecycle tracking by leveraging a mechanical turk.

Token information

CCOIN Symbol
1 CCOIN = USD $0.17 Price
ERC-20 & Coursera Blockchain
0x5e51f6841d2f188c42c7c33a6a5e77fb05cfbabe Token Address

IEO informationEtherscan

100,000,000 Total amount of tokens
10,000,000 Tokens distributed in IEO
Jan 14, 2019 12:00a CET IEO start date
Mar 31, 2019 12:00a CET IEO end date

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