Initial exchange offering (IEO):

The rLoop Network is a decentralized innovation platform designed to harness and grow from the power of a passionate and motivated crowd. Contribute towards projects of significant impact, collaborate on their development, earn a stake in those projects - the rLoop Network is designed to make this process as simple and accessible as possible.

Token allocation: 400,000,000

43.75% rLoop Community Fund (Project & Community Incentives, vested over 4 years)
43.75% Platform Support
12.5% Strategic Fund (Grants, Partnerships, Acquisitions, Bounties)

About the project

It is a mechanism to drive knowledge, expertise, and resources towards emergent technologies as efficiently and economically as possible. The network features a modular set of tools and collaborative decentralized applications (dApps) to allow individuals to propose projects, review other projects, contribute towards a diversity of technologies, and actively participate in their development and deployment. The entire lifecycle of a project can be supported by the network. The rLoop Network will become the substrate upon which a passionate community and innovation can thrive.

Token information

RLP Symbol
1 RLP = USD $0.15 Price
Ethereum Blockchain
0x6D7269E68DB40d223e2E73D9B4b92506c65937fF Token Address

IEO information Etherscan

400,000,000 Total amount of tokens
175,000,000 Tokens distributed in IEO
Jan 14, 2019 12:00a CET IEO start date
TBA IEO end date

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